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Malls & Retail Cleaning Services in Edmonton

Malls & Retail Cleaning Services in Edmonton

Commercial establishments such as retail centers, grocery stores, restaurants, and convention centers require a great deal of regular maintenance to maintain their appearance. As store and retail center owners are aware, customers prefer frequenting establishments which are able to promote their quality of service through cleanliness. Therefore, it is imperative to maintain your business to the highest standards. When your business requires regular cleaning that is beyond the capacity of your employees, consider hiring a cleaning service such as the one offered by Shimmer Pro Cleaners.

Shimmer Pro Cleaners offers commercial cleaning services for any kind of business. Our teams are highly trained in every aspect of safety standards and government sanitation standards when it comes to commercial and industrial cleaning. As the owner or manager of a retail business, you understand the effort which goes into adhering to those standards, which is why you expect the absolute best from your cleaning company.

Our company services Edmonton and nearby areas, focusing on offices, restaurants, banks, hotels as well as a variety of commercial and industrial businesses. No matter the scale of the area, we ensure that when we’re done our customers are satisfied with the highest quality cleaning service available. Here is what Shimmer Pro Cleaners can offer your retail establishment, today

shimmer pro cleaners cleaning mall in edmonton

A wide range of services

Our teams are highly trained in virtually every kind of task you can ask for. We offer a broad range of services within all establishments, such as: window cleaning, restroom cleaning, carpet washing, floor waxing, sanitation, power washing, steam cleaning and a wide range of environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. With over 6 years experience in commercial cleaning across the Edmonton, we are one of the most experienced and trusted choices available

Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service

shimmer pro cleaners a commercial cleaning service in edmonton
window cleaning services by shimmer pro cleaners

Full, extensive mall and convention centre cleaning services

While many companies are afraid to take on large scale projects, we don’t back away from a challenge. Our mall cleaning service takes into account ever aspect of the mall’s functioning, as to allow your fine establishment to be the exact kind of place where people want to gather. Our cleaning process includes everything from floors to restrooms, and our teams use only the best equipment for the job

Flexible Cleaning hours

We most certainly don’t want to get in the way of your businesses’ functioning, which is why we offer nightly, before or after hour cleaning services. We want the cleaning process to be as easy as possible, and will cater to your desired time arrangements and expectations.

shimmer pro cleaners doing commercial cleaning in malls

Our Clients

Get ready to maintain your commercial building in impeccable condition

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